Big Bang Unico

This is the double retrograde timing wrist watch that Hublot released for the first time (pointer can instantaneously set to zero). When pressed the timer button, timing second hand and minute hand from left to right starts timing in the circular trajectory with the unit of 45 minutes, which is the time of half of the game of football. Adding another 15 minutes timer area makes the whole timing time reach 60 minutes. On both sides of the watch crown there has two timing buttons, respectively represent the timing start, stop, and reset. The timer button at two o ‘clock position will be used to control the timing of four patterns: in the first half, interval, in the second half and the end of the game, and clearly displayed through the window in the 12 o ‘clock position.

Another big challenge to meet this kind of movement design is the power. This unusual display mode needs stronger power, and the quick movement of the pointers requires have more powerful dynamic storage. After a long period of optimization and screening for outstanding material and function, the time display will not be affected by any and be accurate at present to minimize power consumption and friction resistance.

Of course, time will not stop in a very wonderful football game, this is the reason that hublot replica set two pointers with the permanent rotation at the small dial at 6 o ‘clock position. ASWISSWATCHES They will continue to show the past hours and minutes, and seconds will be set in a fan timing area at nine o ‘clock position, through the continuous rotation of the three radial pointers, the wearer can know whether the movement works normally or not easily at a glance. In addition, the Power Reserve of this Hublot Big Bang watch is about 72 hours.

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