Personalization of Time-Panerai Rose Gold Blue Dial Watches For New Year

For the most people, they may prefer Rolex, Omega, and IWC, but rare pays attentions to Panerai, a low-profile brand. With more and more people begin learning watches, this Italian watches with gradually become popular. Panerai is different from other watches, owing to its big case, highly-recognizable case, wide bracelet, and simple dial. A simple glance at it will leave a deep impression us, and no other brands else can do that. some people may think that Panerai always have the same case, but who knows that this is the classic design and great features.

Panera now has four constant branches: Radiomir, Radiomir 1940, Luminor, Luminor 1950. Everyone has great story behind it. Blue dial design is quite rare among Panerai watches, and the first blued dial watches, after looking up the official information, is the limited one that is released at 2000. I guess it cannot be found. But today, we are going to introduce two watches with blue dial. They are fitted with the rose gold edition and an alligator skin belt. Every watches is embodiment of design, as well as the traditional breed.

PAM00598 limited reflects Panerai’s simple design and the case reaches 47mm. A big size. Although it looks big, it won’t make you feel heavy or awkward when you wear it. instead, it makes you the real man, after all this is a military watch, and that is why Panerai has a such a high recognition. The case is made of 18k rose gold, and the surface is polished which is touches smooth which reflects its high-end skills. The domed mirror looks natural and the mirror is coated with anti-flective material so that it won’t reflects under the strong lights. As we could know that processing on the sapphire is pretty tough, Panerai faces the challenge and build it into a beautiful dome, which is a great test on technicians.

Cartier Swiss Replica Watches Review of

Cartier Swiss Replica watches are classy and distinct in their own way and it shows in their construction, quality and clientele. With the introduction of the Cartier Swiss Replica Cartier replica in 1957, people have been constantly looking out for new models until today. The Cartier replica alone has a past lavish enough for history books; it became the official watch used by astronauts for space missions in the 60s.
Although intended as a racing timepiece, the functionality of the Cartier replica proved to be efficient in intergalactic endeavors. In 1962, it was worn by Watler Schirra to his Mercury Sigma 7 mission and by Buzz Aldrin for his Apollo 11 mission. Other known astronauts who wore the Cartier replica out to space are Richard F. Gordon (Apollo 12) and Thomas P. Stafford (Gemini 6).

Because of this out-of-this-world (literally) history, many people want to own a Cartier replica of their own. An original Cartier replica can cost around $1700 to $2500 USD, pretty steep for the average worker. Before, only millionaires and wealthy men can afford an authentic-looking Cartier Swiss Replica watch but now that replicas are here, you too can have your own Cartier replica. High quality Cartier Swiss Replica Cartier replica replicas are built with much precision and accuracy – a $100-version will look exactly like its $2000 counterpart. To help you find the best Cartier replica replicas on the web, here are the best sites to buy from has a wide selection of designer watches at very affordable prices. Aside from big brands like Rolex and Cartier, they also have a classy Cartier Swiss Replica Ladies collection. This site is perfect for first-time shoppers and brand lovers.This site caters to all watch lovers young and old. However, their Cartier replica models are limited, so if you want to buy now, you better hurry. If you didn’t catch their Cartier replica, there is always the Rolex or the Breitling to fill up your need for a luxury watch. also offers true luxury and wealth with their watches. Their affordable prices speak a lot about why they remain one of the top replica sites of today. Choose from hundreds of designer replica models including the Cartier Swiss Replica Cartier replica.
This site caters to all watch lovers young and old. However, their Cartier replica models are limited, so if you want to buy now, you better hurry. If you didn’t catch their Cartier replica, there is always the Rolex or the Breitling to fill up your need for a luxury watch
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Every details of Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante Left-Handed 8 Days Titanio tells a special story about Panerai. The brand-new with a limited edition of 300 were released. It incorporated many features of 1930th-1940th when Panerai designed and developed watches for Royal Navy Commando. With the help of top modern technology and materials, these features are embedded with Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante Left-Handed 8 Days Titanio.

In the Luminor 1950, a brand-new chronograph, its crown and crown’s protection set on the left which gains much attention are derived from some old types. This layout can be traced back to 70 years ago when Navy Commandos preferred wearing it on the right hand and at the meanwhile, hold depth gauge and compass on the left hand. Panerai place all button that control the chronograph on the 2 o’clock, just to better present the pure beauty of crown. The dial has the same diameter with old ones, which reaches 47mm, but it weights much lighter thanks to the use of titanium which has an outstanding ability of corrosion-resistance and lower possibility to cause allergy.

Other elements coming from the old types of Panerai are the dial structures, which is made of tow overlap discs. Luminous materials can be seen through the holes on the time scales above the dial. Under this structure working with the simple-style dial, it is clear and bright enough to be seen even under a dark environment.

Through the transparent case button, p.2004/9 manual winding caliber can be seen. Every detail, such as the polishing angles is exposed to your sight. Three barrels guarantee 8 days of power reserve and power indicator on the case back makes dial keeps a simple style. Form the Luminor 1950 Left-handed 8 days Titanio PAM00368 to the new product released by Panerai this year, Panerai is always trying its best to satisfied the need of every Panerai fans.

High Quality Replica Watches – Appreciation on IWC Portuguese Laureus Chronograph

The glaring appearance shapes our first impression on IWC Portuguese Classic Chronograph Laureus. The glaring case shines and the blue dial is just like a vivid ocean, bringing us the unique delicate sense on IWC Portuguese. The dial of Portuguese Laureus has a beautiful blue. The shining blue is just like the surfy ocean, and the chronograph, date aperture and LOGO gives forms a good ornamentation. It kooks thick on the side, and the case, the bezel and case back give us a layers ‘ sense, and the shining case embodies the excellent steel.

In addition, the brown is designed uniquely. Two crowns are wrap under two protections. Two chronograph button and such as a design serves as a good ornamentation on IWC Portuguese. Looking at its case back, this is a see-through case back through which we could see how it works, and how those gears and supporters collaborates in such a precise way. As this is a Laureus Charity special edition, so on the case back branded with the happy children, indicating people care about the future of children on poor areas.

The single directional fold-up clasp is easy to operate and gives us a perfect visual effects. On the buckle you will see an IWC’s logo, and the black rubber strap makes it quite flexible and would not be chill when you wear in winter. The big size and the stainless steel could cause some pressure on hand, but given the shining case and blue dial that could reflects owner’s taste and attributes, it would be ok with it. The steel case and blue dial shapes a unusual appearance, the date display and chronograph can satisfy the basic needs. But the most important thing is that the IWC’s home-made movement has good performance and it feels good whenever you wear it or operate it.

Highlight Difference–Breguet Classique Tourbillon 3797&3795

Breguet has a special status in the watch-making industry of best replica watches. It is founded in 1775, and is named after a famous watch designer–Mr.Breguet who had made some critical inventions. In that age, Breguet watches were the cult items among royalties. In the Classique Tourbillon Quanti¨¨me Perp¨¦tuel, Classique 3797 has Breguet traditional engraving, and the skeleton dial one is the 3795.

Now let’s have a look at the Breguet brand new tourbillon 3797 platinum edition. It presents a 41mm case, with typical Breguet engravings, and welding lug. Dials of perpetual calendar watch is always tough, especially the tourbillon takes up the rest part of it. The dial is made of 18k gold and is branded with 4 Breguet traditional engravings. A grand visual feast. The hour and minute track matches each other, seemingly like floating above the upper of the dial. They are polished, and is decorated by the metal roman time indexes. What’s more, as a Breguet watch, they both has a Breguet blue steel hands. The tourbillon is set at 6 o’clock, and the Breguet set 3 blue hands on the counter. Due to the limitation on the dial, they only has 20 seconds of limitation. the tourbillon has hidden Breguet signature. The simultaneous date jumping has a second hand runing on it and is set at 12 o’clock. The week aperture is set at 9 o’clock while the month and leap year display are set at 3 o’clock. Through the sapphire crystal mirror, we could see the beautiful diamonds and its manual engraving patterns where Breguet, the letter, is branded on the center.

Although the movement are resemble, they has different processing on its surface. Platinum 3797 has perfect flower patterns on it, but the skeleton 3795 not only has skeleton on the dial, it also has skeleton in the backside.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Dayjust Watches

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Dayjust was born in 1945, which was the first watch setting the calendar display window on the surface. A few years later, the crystal surface of the watch added small Windows convex lens (Cyclops eye) display, which has since become Rolex symbol of a generation. The Dayjust series with its classic design, becomes the representative of taste style. The design style of Dayjust watches is a classic model of wrist watch no matter for its timeless aesthetic elements or for its outstanding features. From aesthetic perspective, different types of Dayjust series wrist watches still retains the original aesthetic elements after years of baptism. And its traditional watch, more become one of the most famous and most recognizable wrist watch in the history.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Dayjust 116234-63200 Mechanical Men Watch
For this Rolex men watch is full of Romantic elegant breath with Sapphire dial combining the silver three needles and classical Roman dial and the small window convex lens date display at three-o’clock position. Oyster type stainless steel watch strap of three rows of chain links combines with oyster type folding 5 mm easily adjustable stretchable system. Dayjust 116234-63200 watch through the combination of blue and silver tone shows the elegant and romantic feelings.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Dayjust 116233-G-63203 Black Stone Mechanical Men Watch
18ct gold set with diamonds, three golden needles, small window convex lens date display at 3 o ‘clock position, and Rolex watch gold classic symbol – the combination of various elements makes the watch black dial the noble and mysterious atmosphere. Golden triangle grain resistance of watch bezel, the combination of 904 l stainless steel and 18 ct gold watchband, Rolex type 3135 automatic chain mechanical perpetual movement – all kinds of classic combinations but also reflects the Rolex classic taste style of the eternal.

Challenging Extreme-Hands-on TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom

The first Monaco V4 is produced about 11years ago, roughly 2004. This year, Heuer updates it and the updated version finally comes to production. This new Monaco V4 Phantom, with black CMC material, is fashion and keeps low profile. In the movement, there are 7 bridges that is made of carbon-fiber. With the mini-gears that drives it; its linear rotor is placed at the same track. Today, we take a Monaco V4 WAW2091.FC6369 as an example.

The new Monaco V4 Phantom is featured by the CMC-made case, and the 7 CMC-made bridges. In the producing, Heuer applied the carbon-orientation techniques that orientate the carbon-fiber mold to a certain direction, and the tainted it with black color, so the whole dial appears to be black and a little gray. For example, hands with multiple sides designing, is coated with luminous material, the SuperLuminova. Only the diamonds can show a slight of red. TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom case reaches 41mm of its diameter, and we could clearly see the inner structure of the round case, and its carbon-processing layer on the dial. Monaco V4 Phantom could be considered the most fashion watch in the world, and it is a really art of piece, and the most successful watch. Since that Heuer also promoted several editions of Heuer, including the rose gold, titanium, platinum and the ceramic watch that brought too much surprise and shock to us. Monaco V4 Phantom further complication its tourbillion, so this is the first movement is driven by a belt.

In recent years, TAG Heuer speeds up its development on the new material, and its cooperation with other famous events, thus producing watches that are closely connected with the event, such as racing cars, or sailing. Heuer applies carbon-fiber techniques during development, producing, manual assembling and combines this techniques with the top movement, thus it is able to build a fashion and modern Monaco V4 Phantom with a super light weight, and an amazingly performance on resisting shock. For a super-complication watch, its frontier design makes it outstanding among other complication watches. Only through making breakthrough will you further makes new achievement. This philosophy is reflected in Heuer’s watches.

Rolex Daytona 24 Hours of Le Mans

Rolex has been a partner with this 24 Hours of Le Mans and Rolex Daytona has been the sponsor of the event. All the winners can get a Rolex Daytona. Rolex Daytona are released at 1963 and it was specially designed for this event that witnessed this special period of time.

Rolex and the race
Rolex tied the close relations with famous events like, Hours of Le Mans, Formula 1 and Pebble Beach Concoursd’ Elegance. It has been a strong strength that push the development of such events. The history of Rolex and sports can be dated back to its foundation. Hans Wilsdorf, who was infected by the that changing society in that age, found this company in London, and at that time when watches were considered an accessory, he decided to make solid, precise and reliable watches to adjust to people’s life. In 1920, Offidial Watch Rating Centre awarded a Rolex watch with Swiss Official certificate. In 1926, Rolex successfully developed a diving watch–Rolex Oyster, which was tightened by the screw-in case back, bezel and winding crown. A year later, Hans, who tried to proved its great performance on resisting water, had Mercedes Gleitze wear it and the latter one finally crossed the English Channel. After couple of hours in the ocean, she made it and the watch worked perfectly. This young British lady finally become the ambassador of Rolex and witnessed its quality. In 1931, Rolex invented the automatic winding rotor, so this unique winding system became the founding father of automatic winding.

Early in 1960s, Sir Jackie Steward, a legend racer, won the champion of Formula 1 for three times. In addition, Rolex become the sponsor of Goodwood Revival. This association displayed the antique car that were produced before 1966. Back in that time, 600 classical antique cars gathered together in Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

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Stainless and Yellow Gold-Deep Appreciation on Rolex Datejust

1945, with the globe prosperity, Rolex launches it Datejust. The first Datejust is waterproof, and has a streamline look. What’s more, you can see that date aperture on the dial. Years later, the crystal has Cyclops eye, which is an obvious mark on Rolex. Datejust, with is graceful small date aperture, becomes the most recognizable watches. The reason that we think Datejust is an representative watch is that it is made of 904L steel and 18 ct yellow gold. A medium size as 36 mm, Datejust has simple three hands on the dial. On the sapphire mirror set a date aperture that could magnifying for 2.5 times. Bezel is fluted. All those classic deign is passed down to now. Oyster case and its performance is the key. Outside the bezel, diamonds are set around the bezel, which is luxury enough. Twinlock double waterproof system provide a good water-resistance that is water-proof to 100 meters. The crown is wrapped with yellow gold, indicating Rolex dedication on details.

From the other side of the profile, this watch is rather thin and is comfortable and flexible. Rolex Oyster buckle has Rolex crown on it, and the new buckle is a folding buckle that connects bracelet. lug is a little short, to better match bracelet. Golden Jubilee has 10 top diamonds as the time indexes and corresponds to the date aperture at 3 o’clock and crown at 12 o’clock.

What’s more, Datejust has an screw-down case back and is equipped with a powerful Cal.3135 movement, which is also known as the King of Automatic Movement. It has amazing stability and the movement diameter reaches 28.5 mm. It works at a frequency of 28800 times per hour. 31 rubies is applied as supporter on the movement. When comes to the energy reserve, Rolex Datejust can last for 50 hours. Instantaneous date, Glucydur balance wheel, Breguet hairspring, and kif shock absorber, all those features speaks for its excellent performance.

The Returning of Vintage Piaget Watch

For the Piaget watches, the Black tie and Traditional redisplay that features and they are the millstones in the history of Piaget.

Vintage of Black Tie
When this new shape watch came to exist, the irregular lug brought us surprises. In order to get a smooth and round corner, Piaget shows its gold processing skills. Breaking limitations and making breakthrough on aesthetics drive Piaget to move forward in great leaps. The new Piaget does not change the original shapes and size, but makes small adjustments and a Piaget home-made 534P automatic winding movement contributes to a thin profile. Golden case replaces the original white gold case and it is the fruit of great technicians. Every detail is processed with great dedication. In the case back, it is branded with Piaget’s badge on it. The hard gemstones on Black Tie contributes to a hard and solid case, and also reflect Piaget’s philosophy on pursuing excellence.

Since last 1960s. the graceful combination of watch-making and jewelry processing made Piaget keep exploring new techniques on processing harden diamonds and gold. Such a revolution on techniques combines two precious material and gives off bright colors, and unprecedented freedom ever before. Particularly the watch which has diamonds and emerald on its case, oval jadeite dial and beautiful engraving stainless steel bracelet was a cult item among fashion people of that age. The variety of this series is part of Piaget’s tradition and even its bracelet symbols Piaget’s logo. Many pieces of links make it look delicate and fashion as well. The bracelet is directly connected to case, which means they are a integrity. In order to exemplify the three dimensions of jewelry, the silver oval shines to set off the glaring diamonds. Claw setting makes sure that very piece of diamonds can shines in their best form. The unique jewelry watches make Piaget outstanding among others.