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Every details of Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante Left-Handed 8 Days Titanio tells a special story about Panerai. The brand-new with a limited edition of 300 were released. It incorporated many features of 1930th-1940th when Panerai designed and developed watches for Royal Navy Commando. With the help of top modern technology and materials, these features are embedded with Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante Left-Handed 8 Days Titanio.

In the Luminor 1950, a brand-new chronograph, its crown and crown’s protection set on the left which gains much attention are derived from some old types. This layout can be traced back to 70 years ago when Navy Commandos preferred wearing it on the right hand and at the meanwhile, hold depth gauge and compass on the left hand. Panerai place all button that control the chronograph on the 2 o’clock, just to better present the pure beauty of crown. The dial has the same diameter with old ones, which reaches 47mm, but it weights much lighter thanks to the use of titanium which has an outstanding ability of corrosion-resistance and lower possibility to cause allergy.

Other elements coming from the old types of Panerai are the dial structures, which is made of tow overlap discs. Luminous materials can be seen through the holes on the time scales above the dial. Under this structure working with the simple-style dial, it is clear and bright enough to be seen even under a dark environment.

Through the transparent case button, p.2004/9 manual winding caliber can be seen. Every detail, such as the polishing angles is exposed to your sight. Three barrels guarantee 8 days of power reserve and power indicator on the case back makes dial keeps a simple style. Form the Luminor 1950 Left-handed 8 days Titanio PAM00368 to the new product released by Panerai this year, Panerai is always trying its best to satisfied the need of every Panerai fans.