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Challenging Extreme-Hands-on TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom

The first Monaco V4 is produced about 11years ago, roughly 2004. This year, Heuer updates it and the updated version finally comes to production. This new Monaco V4 Phantom, with black CMC material, is fashion and keeps low profile. In the movement, there are 7 bridges that is made of carbon-fiber. With the mini-gears that drives it; its linear rotor is placed at the same track. Today, we take a Monaco V4 WAW2091.FC6369 as an example.

The new Monaco V4 Phantom is featured by the CMC-made case, and the 7 CMC-made bridges. In the producing, Heuer applied the carbon-orientation techniques that orientate the carbon-fiber mold to a certain direction, and the tainted it with black color, so the whole dial appears to be black and a little gray. For example, hands with multiple sides designing, is coated with luminous material, the SuperLuminova. Only the diamonds can show a slight of red. TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom case reaches 41mm of its diameter, and we could clearly see the inner structure of the round case, and its carbon-processing layer on the dial. Monaco V4 Phantom could be considered the most fashion watch in the world, and it is a really art of piece, and the most successful watch. Since that Heuer also promoted several editions of Heuer, including the rose gold, titanium, platinum and the ceramic watch that brought too much surprise and shock to us. Monaco V4 Phantom further complication its tourbillion, so this is the first movement is driven by a belt.

In recent years, TAG Heuer speeds up its development on the new material, and its cooperation with other famous events, thus producing watches that are closely connected with the event, such as racing cars, or sailing. Heuer applies carbon-fiber techniques during development, producing, manual assembling and combines this techniques with the top movement, thus it is able to build a fashion and modern Monaco V4 Phantom with a super light weight, and an amazingly performance on resisting shock. For a super-complication watch, its frontier design makes it outstanding among other complication watches. Only through making breakthrough will you further makes new achievement. This philosophy is reflected in Heuer’s watches.