Tips in Making Your Own Animal Kigurumi Onesies

If you are planning to make a custom plush toys or other custom stuffed toys from an original pattern, you can choose among the best animal kigurumi onesie designs. These toys are perfect both for kids and adults alike. Made from soft plush materials like fleece, cotton and even silk, these items are not only attractive but also functional. You will find that creating your own ones can be fun too if you have the right supplies and patterns.

The onesie is a small stuffed animal usually with a plush material that can easily be washed. In making your own animal kigurumi ones, you will only need a few basic materials. The first one is a pre-cut polyethylene sheet and the second one is a fabric piece of wide-gauge textured cotton. These two materials can be washed in a machine with any mild detergent.

Before starting to make the ones, make sure that all the pieces are washed separately. After washing them both, lay each piece flat on a clean towel. Use a sewing machine to sew the fabric to the polyethylene sheet. You may either use zippers or buttons to attach the pieces together. A sewing machine with a simple one-button stitch can be sufficient for this purpose. Do not forget to secure the fabric to the polyethylene sheet using a basting tape after sewing it.

To complete the onesie, use a sewing machine to hem the fabric. Sew the bottom edge to the polyethylene piece at the same time that you attach the rest of the pieces. The sewing process may take some time since you have to sew several edges at a time. If you do not feel confident about your sewing skills, you may opt to buy a ready-made ones instead. This option is more affordable.

There are different ways in making a onesie. Two of the popular ones making techniques include the sewn button and the flat seam. Both methods produce similar results. The differences lie on the style of the buttons and the stitching techniques that are used.

In designing your own ones, you have to be creative and imaginative. Some of the most popular ones designs are enemies in the shape of monkeys, bears, birds, frogs, rabbits, and frogs. But there are also others that are not so popular. The enemies that are done in the cartoon characters are the most sought after ones. Animal kigurumi enemies have become a hit among children and adults.